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  • CDP Beaute La Crème / The Cream (Sample Size)

Cle de Peau

CDP Beaute La Crème / The Cream (Sample Size)

HKD$298 HKD$765



Starting from the root of skin elasticity, the triple stem cells are thoroughly activated with rare and efficient ingredients to induce the vigorous power of skin collagen.
The skin is young and firm, allowing you to experience the miracle overnight.
Relying on skin microvascular research to maintain microvascular health, promote collagen proliferation, and sublimate the regeneration of dermal cells, it can improve skin density, reduce fine lines, and gradually regain firmness and elasticity.
Inhibit and delay the free radicals of skin cells to achieve cellular anti-oxidation.
Manage cell health, revitalize skin cells from the bottom layer, thoroughly improve skin tone, skin texture and contour, and restore smooth and plump skin overnight.
how to use

The last step of the evening skin care routine is to apply a pearl-sized cream on the entire surface.
Press the palm of your hand on your cheek and slide it from your chin to your temple. Repeat 3 times.
According to the action in the picture, wrap the cheeks on both sides with the palm of your hand and pull up toward the temple. Repeat three times.

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