• Diet Power Supplement


Diet Power Supplement

HKD$85 HKD$150

60 Capsules


A complex supplement containing multiple ingredients that are popular for supporting exercise. It is also suitable multi-supplement for one's diet.

For those confused about choosing a diet supplement look no further.
A balanced multi-ingredient formulated supplement is indispensable in an approach to exercise and diet. The ingredients of "DHC Diet Power" are a formulation of 10 popular ingredients such as Forskolin A "Alpha", Lipoic acid, Fabinol, Carnitine containing amino acids and dietary fiber, these 10 types of ingredients are condensed into only 1 capsule so you can easily complement your diet in a balanced manner. Used in coordination with diet and exercise and expect wonderful results.

Follow recommended daily intake (3 capsules).
Recommended to take the capsules one at a time over the course of the day before meals (e.g., breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

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