• Natural Scallop Shell Washing Disinfectant 100's


Natural Scallop Shell Washing Disinfectant 100's

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* Made from 100% natural shell powder, no added color, can be used with peace of mind
* Remove mold, mildew
* Simultaneous disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, pest control
* Do not need to buy clean laundry detergent to facilitate environmental protection
* Wash clothes cleanly, wash clothes in the washing machine after about 20 times
* It is a fragrance-free product. If necessary, a person may add liquid detergent to use together, depending on personal preference.
* HOTAPA is an alkaline aqueous solution with a pH of about 11 to 12 made by burning shells at a high temperature. It can remove 99.9% of bacteria within five minutes.
* Contains vitamin C, it can remove molds in the washing tank and prevent mold growth under continuous use, and it can also prevent the drainage of long-line mold by deodorizing and deodorizing effect.


1. Use one tablet for every 30 litres of water,3 tablet for every 50 litresof water .
2. About 70 liters of normal washing barrel, about 2-3 tablets
3. Just throw in the clothes and wash them together. Use it every day.

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