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  • Replasty Age Recovery Night Cream Set

Helena Rubinstein

Replasty Age Recovery Night Cream Set

HKD$2,580 HKD$3,600



Replasty Age Recovery Night Cream 50ml

With the mutual efforts on research and development since the collaboration, Dr Pfulg and HELENA RUBINSTEIN formulated a ‘bandage’ treatment with remarkable improvements on signs of ageing. To achieve outstanding results in terms of skin repair speed, REPLASTY AGE RECOVERY NIGHT, a precious night cream first ever to contain a high concentration: 30% of PROXYLANE™ to accelerate the epidermal repair process to correct “all age scars”: wrinkles, cutaneous damages and imperfections. Night after night, the skin’s vital function is restored by epidermal regeneration. “All age scars” are visibly corrected to reveal perfect, intensely restored, renewed skin.


​​​​Replasty Light Peel Daily Peeling Lotion 25ml

Oxidative stress and inflammation arising from pollution and the modern urban lifestyle lead to premature cutaneous ageing: a loss of radiance, rough skin, wrinkles and a loss of tone.

Inspired by the "minute peels" formulated at LACLINIC-MONTREUX for intense effectiveness without an uncomfortable sensation, HELENA RUBINSTEIN developed REPLASTY Light Peel Daily Peeling Lotion, an unprecedented resurfacing lotion.

With its unique technology based on an innovative bi-phase formula, REPLASTY Light Peel Daily Peeling Lotion exfoliates like a peel but softens like an oil, smoothing the skin and restoring its radiance.


Replasty Laserist Clinical glow creator Cream in Serum 5ml

A serum-cream which combats brown spots, LASERIST joins the REPLASTY "procedure" range.It is inspired by the ultra-precise laser technology performed at LaClinic-Montreux. LASERIST offers a non-invasive answer to this laser procedure, effectively targeting dark spots while smoothing and illuminating the skin.

LASERIST serum-cream affects the skin's colour and texture so that its surface optimally reflects the light using a combination of two targeted active ingredients:
- Symwhite (a new lightening complex) for a glowing, homogeneous complexion
- Proxylane for smooth skin and a refined skin texture.


Replasty Age Recovery Day Cream 5ml

Having replicated the most cutting-edge techniques of cosmetic medicine, the HELENA RUBINSTEIN Laboratories have combined their very own know-how with the medical expertise of Dr Pfulg to formulate an intensely repairing and protective balm that works as a true active cosmetic "bandage", REPLASTY AGE RECOVERY DAY, capable to repair age damages, soothe and protect skin all day long.

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