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  • Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream 300ml


Silky Nourishment Body Cream

HKD$25 HKD$26



Enriched with NutriDUO, the moisture-locking effect lasts for 24 hours, leaving the skin smooth and radiant!

Product Features:
• Designed for dry skin, this body cream is rich in NutriDUO, which combines the effects of emollient nutrients and essential oils which nourishes deep layers of skin, stably provide moisture, and maintain a long-term moisturizing effect.
• Soft skin care technology can moisturize skin and even skin tone. ¼ cream can reach the stratum corneum to form a protective shield for skin.
• Vitamin E is added to gently nourish, improve oxidation and enhance skin texture, making the skin feel softer, smoother and shiny.
• The pleasant fragrance specially developed by the brand perfumer makes people feel soothing and relaxing. Moisturizing cream with a non-sticky texture is refreshing and easy to blend and absorb.

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