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  • Hydra3 Regenetic Serum+ Prime Regenera I +Prime 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream


Hydra3 Regenetic Serum+ Prime Regenera I +Prime 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream

HKD$2,888 HKD$6,500

50ml X2+125ml (Salon Size)


Prime Regenera I 50ml

Prime 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Hydra3 Regenetic Serum 125ml


Prime 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream 50ml

This light anti-dehydration cream ensures perfect skin hydration. Thanks to its formula enriched in Peptides+ and the presence of Triple DNA and RNA, the epidermis is perfectly nourished. Strengthened and protected, the skin can efficiently struggle against cutaneous ageing. Prime 24 Hour easily penetrates and softens the skin, leaving a smooth and untouchable protective film which creates a perfect foundation for makeup.

USE: Mornings and/or evenings, apply a small quantity of cream on the entire face.

    Prime Regenera I 50ml 

    A rich nourishing cream, Prime Regenera I is perfect for skins lacking in tone and luster. Its concentration in Triple DNA and RNA, as well as in Peptides+, encourages the preservation of the elasticity and balance of a healthy skin.

    USE: Mornings and/or evenings, apply on a clean and dry skin, gently rubbing it in with soft massages.


    Hydra3 Regenetic Serum

    This gel-serum with exceptional glide-on power instantly quenches even the thirstiest skin. Its fine texture also improves the texture of the skin. Highly enriched in PHA (Precursor of Hyaluronic Acid), this hydration-activating concentrate works throughout the night to encourage the resynthesis of hyaluronic acid, helping restore the foundations of the skin so they gradually distill water to the surface. With regular application, the skin regains optimum moisture levels and greater density. This exceptional serum delivers both immediate effectiveness and long-lasting anti-aging hydrating performance.

    USE: At night, after cleansing the skin, apply about 4 pump doses to the face and neck.

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