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  • SVELTY Trible Power Quailty Diet Pakkun Yeast with Probiotics 100 Capsules


SVELTY 3X Triple Power Quailty Diet Pakkun Yeast with Probiotics 100 Capsules

HKD$148 HKD$326



SVELTY is a must-have before making big meals, the strongest "3 times. Oil control rice noodles", "decomposition yeast" that decomposes carbohydrates (starch) and special oil absorption LIPOSAN 300% UP in total, decomposition, oil absorption, barrier effect Fully tripled!
Research has proved that it can decompose up to 88% carbohydrates, then wrap the fat and discharge it, and finally block the absorption, so you can rest assured to eat!
300% increment! "Invasive type" breaks down yeast, swallows starch, and transforms into water and gas.
The product uses patented Liposan ingredients, and the oil absorption effect is already 5 times higher than similar ingredients! And the home increases the amount by 3 times, and the oil absorption effect increases by multiples!
Carefully selected 6 slimming herbs, including white kidney beans, five-layered dragon grass, Gymnema, oolong tea, garcinia cambogia, and cassia cassia, which will prevent oils and carbohydrates that cannot be intercepted in the first and second steps to further prevent gastrointestinal digestion Absorb to ensure "fat" without leakage, while promoting intestinal peristalsis and detoxification, allowing the body to clear away fat-generating elements faster.

‚ú¶How to eat
Take four capsules a day with warm water.
‚ú¶Capacity: 100 Capsules

‚ú¶Origin: Japan

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