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  • Japan Gals 6 Detoxifying Enzyme Tablets 60 pieces

Japan Gals

6 Detoxifying Enzyme Tablets 60 pieces

HKD$120 HKD$268



6 heavy fat decomposition, eating a healthy slim body
+130 billion active lactic acid bacteria

JG Japan Gals 6 Weight Yeast Weight Loss Detox Cleansing Pills (60 Tablets)
JG Japan Gals 6 Detoxifying Enzyme Tablets 60s

※ Won the highest honor of European Monde Selection-Big Gold Award
※ Japan’s strongest 6 kinds of yeasts, detoxify and eliminate fats from toxins in the body
※ 2 capsules of up to 13 billion active yeast, enhance the function of intestinal food decomposition
※ With 9 nutrients, improve the internal environment

❤ Eliminate oil and reduce body absorption
❤ Improve carbohydrate decomposition ability and improve intestinal function
❤ Inject beneficial bacteria to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the intestine
❤ Balance the intestinal pH and restore a healthy intestinal state
❤ Improve bad breath, constipation symptoms, fart smell

Main ingredients
✔ 6 kinds of fermentation bacteria: lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, natto bacteria, aspergillus niger, yeast, fermenting bacteria
【Mixed and concentrated lactic acid bacteria (3.84 billion units)】Improve food decomposition function.
[Active Bifidobacterium (60 billion)] "Slimming bacteria", reduce fat accumulation.
【Active Natto Bacteria (15000FU)】Nattokinase "Vascular Scavenger" improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.
【Active Monascus】detoxifies and purifies blood, maintains health and resists aging.
【Active Yeast】"Invading Yeast/Decomposing Yeast" swallows starch and sugar.
【Fermenting Bacteria】Promote the survival and assembly of beneficial bacteria.

✔ 9 nutrients: Vitamin B1 (0.63mg), B2 (0.68mg), B6 ​​(0.62mg), biotin (60ug), folic acid (180ug), pantothenic acid (3.4mg), zinc (3.0mg), copper ( 0.27mg). Improve intestinal vitality and restore a healthy intestinal environment.

How to eat
2 tablets after every dinner. Eat with warm water.

Please store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Personal intolerance to product ingredients. Not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Supplements are not drugs. Before use, as well as worsening gastrointestinal diseases or allergic reactions, you should consult your doctor.

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