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  • RILASTIL AQUA Moisturizing Mask


AQUA Moisturizing Mask

HKD$128 HKD$260



Product effect:
Small molecule hyaluronic acid moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening and enhancing skin elasticity.

Product Features:
Contains double hyaluronic acid, moisturizing and locking water, instantly repairing dry and dehydrated skin; restoring proper skin moisturization (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for surface moisturizing and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid deep moisturizing); restoring skin barrier Integrity, prevention of moisture loss (SK-InfluxRV); imparts a bright and soft skin (with omega-6 evening primrose oil), a leave-on mask.

The product achieves the effect: the skin is moisturized, soft and shiny.

How to use it:
Apply once or twice a week to apply a wide range of products on the face and neck. Allow to stand for 5-15 minutes as needed, then remove the excess product with a cotton swab or cosmetic paper. It is recommended to wash.

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