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  • B.A The Liquid (20ml X 12 Bottles) -抗糖化口服液


B.A The Liquid (20ml X 12 Bottles) -抗糖化口服液

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B.A The Liquid (B.A 抗糖化口服液)

An instant approach to elevating beauty to the next level. Feel the resilience and radiance that come from within.

Enriched with YAC extract that is contained in the B.A skincare series and SAR extract that provides support for YAC extract. Also enriched with Herb Quartet extracted from four types of herbs, collagen peptide and olive fruit extract to build a foundation for beauty. Suggested dosage is one bottle per day. The product can be drunk before bedtime as it is caffeine-free and won't disturb your sleep.


◆Contents 1 Box 20 mL × 12 bottles
◆Rich herb and fruity flavor

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