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  • Mandom Barrier Repair Mask - Coconut Oil 4pcs


Barrier Repair Mask - Coconut Oil

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- Provide moisture to the skin with weakened moisture retention power by drying, lead      to soft and glossy skin, beauty oil mask.

- Provide moisture to the dry, tough skin with a cosmetic oil formula extracted from            plants, leading to soft, glossy skin.

- Baby Water Lipid (similar ingredients of vernix) blended, support skin barrier, keep            moisture of the skin.

- Soft sheet soaked in tempered serum liquid gently tightly adheres to the skin.

- Coconut Oil formula.



After you wash your face, take 1 mask.

Apply on your face for 5 - 10 minutes (if you have really dry skin, 10 - 20 min).

Take off the mask and apply the oil left on your face.

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