• BAUME SLIM EFFECT Draining Massage Balm


BAUME SLIM EFFECT Draining Massage Balm

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With highly concentrated Essential Oils, BAUME SLIM EFFECT is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of orange - peel skin caused by water retention. This non-greasy balm feels dry to the touch. It is perfect for massage and is rapidly absorbed to help: - promote the microcirculation and decongest saturated tissues (Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Marjoram and Elemi), - tone and reduce the appearance of orange-peel skin (Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Geranium and Rosemary). Enhanced with Plant Oils, this creamy and luscious balm offers a real invitation to massage**. Result: Helps reduce the feeling of bloating and the appearance of orange-peel skin. The figure appears refined.

How to Use:

Preferably in the evening, warm a small amount between the palms of your hands. Following the technique, apply by massaging over the entire face/body, working upwards, concentrating on the affected areas (stomach, thighs, hips).

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