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  • Fancl Calolimit Tea ( Powder) 30packs


Calolimit Tea ( Powder) 30packs

HKD$128 HKD$295



Ever wished to get slimmer while drinking tea? Containing Mulberry Leaf Extract and Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, FANCL Calolimit Tea can have a greater control over calorie intake. With its refreshing taste of brown rice tea, Calolimit Tea is your best companion for every meal. Suitable for those who eat out regularly or those who have an appetite for sweet and fatty food.

Benefit : Mulberry Leaf Extract and Gymnema Sylvestre Extract together with its Green Tea Extract and White Kidney Bean Extract, Calolimit Tea can helps to better manage calorie intake, especially when dining out.
Size : 30 sticks
Ingredient : Active ingredients: Brown Rice Tea Complex, Dietary Fiber (Indigestible Dextrin), Gymnema Sylvestre Complex, Green Tea Extract, Mulberry Leaf Complex, White Kidney Bean Extract
How to Use : One stick 1 to 3 times daily, served with meals. Empty entire contents of one stick into a cup. Add hot or cold water (about 150mL), stir well.

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