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  • Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter


Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter

HKD$70 HKD$120



Nipple care cream designed for breastfeeding, with dual effects of moisturizing and protecting
Effectively reduce and relieve breast pain and damage caused by breastfeeding

Suggested Usage:
Sealed with peace of mind to provide you with protection. Remove the cover, remove the sealing cover, and close the cover.

Apply a small amount of Palmer's Cocoa Fat Nipple Repair Cream to the nipple area after each breastfeeding or when it is often needed. This product does not need to be washed off before breastfeeding. Use daily to keep nipples soft, elastic and moisturized.

Prenatal use: It can also be used for nipple condition before breastfeeding. Apply daily to keep the nipples soft, smooth and moisturized.

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