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  • WONJIN EFFECT Concentrated Ampoule Mask Set


Concentrated Ampoule Mask Set

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Concentrated Ampoule Mask Set include Concentrated Ampoule Mask 10pcs + Medi Hydro Vial Cleansing Foam 80ml

1. Concentrated Ampoule Mask 30g x 10pcs

Contains 36 kinds of regenerative bio-energy supplements, the original face formula of the original Chen Hospital, combines vitamins A, B, C, E and liposome capsules to stabilize it and reduce the loss during skin absorption. Helps the ingredients to be effectively transferred to the deep skin.

Main functions:
i) Skin regeneration-Activate the skin's original regeneration ability
ii) Increase elasticity-supplement elastic fibers lost due to aging
iii) Water-oil balance-restore water-oil balance, reduce sebum secretion and improve skin texture
iv) Skin-friendly ingredients-Hyaluronic acid and peptides that are compatible with the human body can help improve skin affinity and absorb quickly. Based on the rich minerals in peat water, Icelandic glacial water, and deep ocean water, it helps maintain the PH value in the body, provides vitality to the skin, and makes the skin elastic and beautiful. Earn micrometer mask paper, is a medical sterilization developed by Yuanchen Hospital for micro-post-fragile skin

Mask material
-Soft and delicate, light touch, breathable close to the surface of the skin, effectively transfer nutrients to the skin.

2. Medi Hydro Vial Cleansing Foam 80ml
The first step for healthy skin is to cleanse and replenish water at the same time! A simple and reassuring solution to purify the skin and create fresh and shiny muscles!

-Contains skin purification ingredients, pineapple extract, improves skin texture and maintains smooth and healthy skin.
-Contains patented moisturizing ingredients, which is the core care ingredient of Yuanchen, from deep skin care, to build a strong skin.
-Naturally derived surfactant, can gently remove the waste on the skin surface. The cleansing milk has a creamy texture and a comfortable feel.

i) When cleansing the face, take out the proper cleansing milk and rub it to produce a rich foam.
ii) Evenly apply to the face, massage in circles, and finally wash off with warm water.

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