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  • OBAGI Derma Power X Inner Lift DRink


Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink (10 capsules/box)

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Liquid vitamins Obagi Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink. 

Vitamins in a liquid form is the newest development created for normalization of a skin condition. Their daily application gives a deep hydration of the skin from the inside, the result is the disappearance of emerging wrinkles and providing a beautiful complexion. 
After some time after the beginning of the reception of this complex, you will see the effect with your own eyes, the skin becomes soft, dryness and tightness disappear, and the whole face shines with beauty and health. 

The bottle contains an optimally balanced combination of substances - collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Volume: 10 capsules of 20 ml. 
Country of Origin: Japan. 

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