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  • Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss
  • Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss
  • Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss
  • Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss

Giorgio Armani

Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss

HKD$198 HKD$295

Ecstasy 300 Tangerine
Ecstasy 400 Four Hundred
Ecstasy 401 Red Chrome
Ecstasy 501 Uptown
Ecstasy 502 Boudoir


Introducing Ecstasy Lacquer, a liquid lipstick with the shine of a lacquer, the color and comfort of a lipstick, and the hold of a stain. The innovative Armani Liquid Vinyl Technology features the highest concentration of water soluble pigments, allowing for pure, vivid color impact with maximum long wear results. The formula is enriched with glycerin for comfortable application and long lasting hydration.

For a natural look: apply in a single layer for a subtle touch of color

To add shine: apply one a single layer over any Armani lipstick as a topcoat

For a statement lip with bold color and high shine, apply several coats

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