• Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion I (Fresh)

ELIXIR (Shiseido)

Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion I (Fresh)

HKD$208 HKD$320



A medicated emulsion that provides firmness to your skin
It replenishes moisture to every corner of stratum corneum, leaving your skin firm and transparent.
Prevents spots and freckles by suppressing melanin formation.

Refreshing touch to the skin


1. After the lotion, slightly larger take plenty than 10 yen coin-sized cotton and scissors to the finger placed on the middle finger and ring finger.

2. Introduction from a wide part of such Hoyagaku, toward the outside from the center of the face, let soften carefully to every corner of the slowly face to fit the roundness of the face. (Repeat each two to three times)

3. If you applied to the neck, let the last to rub from the bottom to the top.

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