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  • FDR Sensitive Skin Care Lotion


FDR Sensitive Skin Care Lotion

HKD$78 HKD$280

10ml X3


FANCL FDR is a wonderful series for the care of dry and sensitive skin. The very name speaks for itself: "DR" - the doctor, "F" - FANCL. The natural formula contains only active and skin-friendly components. Such components perfectly protect sensitive skin, prevent drying and irritation, improving lipid barrier function. FANCL FDR Lotion for Sensitive Skin is the second remedy in the 3-step skin care system (cleanser, lotion, cream). The effective and balanced formula improves the skin condition, moisturizes it perfectly, prevents drying and irritation. A distinguishing feature of the lotion is that its components have a cumulative effect by continuous use.

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