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  • Marvis Flavour Collection Gift Pack Set


Flavour Collection Gift Pack Set

HKD$130 HKD$310



There are 7 Marvis toothpastes in the gift box, 25ml each

Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste-Red
The exotic sweet scent of cinnamon, combined with the cool mint of the main ingredient,
blends a surprisingly fresh breath that lasts for a long time.

Ginger mint toothpaste-orange
Using spicy wild ginger, with the main ingredient "Calda e Fredda" mint, showing the special flavor of ice and fire.

Jasmine Mint Toothpaste-Purple
Fragrant jasmine combined with cold mint makes the brushing process a pleasure, and the sweet floral fragrance is specially designed for women.

Marine Mint Toothpaste-Blue
"Sweet and cool" mixed with a touch of mint, you can feel the cool and refreshing sea in one sip.

Classic Power Mint Toothpaste-Green
Using the unforgettable "Piperita" mint, it strengthens the cooling feeling while being fresh and lasting.

Licorice mint toothpaste-black
Jointly developed with the licorice family Amarelli (founded in 1731), its licorice fragrance is rich and attractive,
and then blended into the main mint cool.

Whitening Mint Toothpaste-Silver
Whitening mint flavor, with cold-toned mint combined with powerful brightening ingredients,
unique toothpaste texture, the delicate foam produced can effectively keep teeth clean.

Marvis toothpaste features
Long-lasting fresh taste provides the most thorough care of teeth. Toothpaste with unique aroma.
Incorporated with fluoride, it effectively prevents tooth corrosion and strengthens teeth. With a distinctive mint aroma.
Bring lasting comfort. Make your breath fresh all day long. After use, the teeth are more clean and healthy.

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