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  • Freeplus Moist Repair Lotion 1 (Light)


Freeplus Moist Repair Lotion 1 (Light)

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FREEPLUS Moist Repair Lotion 1(130ml)

Hydrates your skin instantly with the help of Freeplus Moist Repair Lotion 1. Enriched with plants extracts, this lotion helps to moisturize the skin effectively, leaving skin firmness and smooth.

Product Features:
ÔĀ¨ Mild in nature: The brand selects 6 kinds of Chinese herbal plants to extract into moisturizing essence. All the products are free of paraben preservatives, spices, pigments, alcohol (ethanol), UV absorbers and mineral oils, and tested for sensitivity and irritancy.
ÔĀ¨ Moisturizing: Enriched with plants extract, it effectively moisturizes the skin.
ÔĀ¨ Comfortable texture: The texture is moist and non-sticky, can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

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