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  • Hair Regenerating Cleanser


Hair Regenerating Cleanser

HKD$1,580 HKD$2,900

1000ml (SALON SIZE)


For all people who want an anti-aging shampoo with a regulating effect. For over-cared for scalp. Suitable for all hair types.

An intensive cleansing product designed to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and to remove any residue that makes the hair appear dull.
The hair gets new strength, new volume, elasticity and shine.

Frees the suffocated scalp.
Cleanses the hair fiber.
Helps weakened hair to be more resistant.

The hair becomes shiny, gets new elasticity and gains volume.
Main active ingredients:

Triple DNA: Helps to maintain and stimulate the vital functions of the skin. Hair growth is stimulated, hair loss reduced.
Anti-glycation complex: combats skin atrophy. Reduces hair loss.
Keratin: Repairs and smoothes the hair fiber. Cares for the hair in a resistant and smooth way.

Mix the product in your hand with lukewarm water.
Then apply to the scalp.
Gently massage scalp and gradually foam shampoo with water.
Rinse thoroughly.

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