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  • Kobae ga Hoi Hoi (Fruit Fly Catcher)

Earth Corporation

Kobae ga Hoi Hoi (Fruit Fly Catcher)

HKD$39 HKD$80



It was born by studying the habits of the fruit fly, and it is a mosquito fly attractant that only sets it.

It invites the scent like the fly and lets the container stop with the perch effect, and even if it is induced to the jelly in the induction route, it is swaying and kills without loss. After installation, the effect lasts for about one month.

Don't miss it in 4 steps!

  • Invite by color and smell!
    Strong attraction with the smell of the red and Shaoxing liquor & black vinegar that Kobaye likes!
  • Stop with perch effect!
    Apply the habit of Kobae who wants to stop at the tip!
  • Guide in the taxiway!
    Come into the container more and more in the taxiway you want to walk at once!
  • Insecticide squeezed into the diced jelly!
    Insecticide using the habit of wanting to rip in!

    • Because it is a mosquito fly eliminant that knows the habits of the mosquito fly, it catches it with roots easily.
    • The strong scent of Kobaye with the aroma of Shaoxing liquor and black vinegar. It is a system that "stops" in containers with perch effect, "induction in containers", "immerses in jelly" and "insecticide".
    • Because it is highly moisturizing cut jelly, it is resistant to dryness, and a stable effect lasts from the beginning to the end.

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