• MEDICATED SEKKISEI Recovery Essence Excellent


MEDICATED SEKKISEI Recovery Essence Excellent

HKD$508 HKD$760



A whitening essence with deep hydrating power for skin with visible blemishes.
Compounded with Sasa Veitchii, Coix Seed and Mugwort extracts, and Licorice Flavonoid (hydration). A whitening essence that effectively delivers whitening ingredients to the skin with its highly penetrative and hydrating abilities. Creates hydrated translucent skin with the power of oriental plant extracts.
  • Inhibits the generation of melanin, preventing blemishes/freckles caused by sunburn.
  • The base is formulated to gently melt on the skin and penetrate deep down into the horny cell layer like water.
  • Packs the skin with hydration, making it plump and firm.
  • A gentle, calm herbal scent.

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