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  • L'Air Du Temps Eau de Toilette limited edition


L'Air Du Temps Eau de Toilette limited edition

HKD$199 HKD$700



L'Air du Ciel is the latest fragrance release for Nina Ricci's famous L'Air du Temps scent launched in limited edition.

Colors of Sky L'Air Du Temps L'Air Du Ciel
Glowing in golden rosy pink tinted sun rays melding in the blue sky and the velvety whiteness of the clouds. The azure of the cloud free skies makes over while day time finally lets go into the suspense of the night. The glow of the sun gradually dwindles into an embrace of light. The night time breeze lessens the heat of the mid-day.

For this brilliant new scent, the popular L'Air du Temps bottle quite naturally reflects the dazzling tones of a sunset. The pairing of glass doves pivot around a spin of heavenly colors with a finish of lacquered pink, yellow and blue tones remembering the final moment of the day. Meanwhile, a band gives a final touch of brightness.

L'Air Du Temps L'Air Du Ciel blushing hues
Created by perfumers Louise Turner and Natalie Cetto, L'Air du Ciel exudes all the sensations of sunset: The ambiance of freshness from the setting, the serenity of the atmosphere light, the warm effect of the last rays of the sun.

The vivacity of bergamot, mandarin and petit grain bigarade sinks into the bright enveloping orange blossom that leads into the passionate tone of style. Its freshness seems to ascend into the sky, interweaving with irresistibly indulging honey, boosted by tonka beans and bitter almond.

Finally, a wave of cottony white musk wanders into the sillage of this scent, reflecting the feeling as if touching the sky.

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