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  • Utena Lavender Golden Jelly Mask 3pcs


Lavender Golden Jelly Mask

HKD$35 HKD$65



A golden jelly mask that delivers moisture deeply into the skin to soften dry and hardened mature skin. Combined with Lavendar extracts, amino acid and ceramide (moisturizing ingredients) to provide moisture and refreshes skin.

  • Contains 33g of rich golden jelly essence to soften and invigorate rough skin
  • No artificial fragrance, artificial colours, mineral oil, alcohol, silicon or UV absorber
  • Relax with a pleasant lavender scent


To spread the jelly essence evenly on mask sheet, please knead the pouch before opening.

Place sheet mask on your face after lotion.
Position eyes, nose, and mouth carefully as you gently place the mask on your face.
Adjust the flaps for eyes to cover your eyelids.
Leave the mask on for 20 ‚Äď 30 minutes then gently remove and discard the used mask. Gently massage any remaining serum on face until thoroughly absorbed.
Use once or twice a week.
Further dab remaining serum from package on mask after application.
Do not tear the mask with force.
Adjust mask position with the help of the cuttings.

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