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  • Magic Flowerpot (Prince Pink)

Tangle Teezer

Magic Flowerpot (Prince Pink)

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Parents say hello to the brush that puts an end to teary fueled tantrums for fast detangling and painless results. The Magic Flowerpot Detangling Brush makes for a great first hairbrush for little girls thanks to the ergonomic design and soft, gentle brush heads. The brush holder even doubles as a storage pot for little ones essentials and can even be decorated with a custom photo or picture!



Tangle Teezer haircare

Design: Magic Flowerpot Detangling Hairbrush

Colour: Princess Pink


Detangling hairbrush for little girls

Soft and gentle brush heads - prevents tears, tantrums and tangles

A great first hairbrush for little ones

Holder doubles as a storage pot

Can also be personalised with plastic photo frame as the top

Ideal for all hair types

Ergonomically designed for a palm friendly non-slip fit

Dimensions, with holder (approx. cm): 8 x 11 x  (H x D)

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