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  • ROHTO MELANO CC Vitamin White Mist


MELANO CC Vitamin White Mist

HKD$65 HKD$77



MELANO CC Vitamin White Mist is a spray-type lotion with whitening and moisturizing effect. Combined with vitamin C and vitamin E double-vitamin prescription, the microparticles penetrate deep into the stratum corneum to inhibit melanin production and prevent spots and freckles. At the same time, it is combined with moisturizing ingredients to moisturize the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays, making the skin transparent. It also has a refreshing citrus scent and is refreshing and pleasant.

1. Moisturizing
      - Contains natural moisturizing factor NMF

2. After sunburn repair
    - Lemon and grape extracts gently and moisturize skin

3. Prevent acne, fade acne marks
     - High-permeability vitamin C inhibits black build-up and fades acne marks
    - Add active ingredients to prevent acne
4. Brighten even skin tone
    - Contains vitamin E to quickly penetrate vitamin C deep into the stratum corneum, leaving skin white and bright

5. Effectively improve oily and rough skin
    - Regulate skin water and oil balance

How to use:
1. Spray 30cm from the skin and gently tap with both hands until fully absorbed.
2. Do not shake the container for use.
3. Use the container face up.

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