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  • Rosette Moist Pore Peeling Gel 120g


Moist Pore Peeling Gel

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Thoroughly remove the aging corner of the face and plug the black head in the pores, and flatten the skin.
Gentle and remove old waste keratin and pores dirt, so that the flesh recovery and light, after use of the skin more smooth comfort
The cleansed skin is better to breathe, and effectively absorb the protective products you put on your face.
The raw material is derived from the natural fruit AHABHA made in conjunction with the production, and it does not stimulate the flesh, gentle and angle-de-horn O gel.
Remove the waste of melanin and remove the aging keratin so that the makeup water and other beauty camps can be preserved.
Instantaneous immersion to the deep layer of flesh.
Use in the morning before washing can also improve the cosmetic effect.
In the nose, black head, dark sink, etc., the more concerned place to use, can make the pores become not so conspicuous, and now smooth and tender beautiful skin.
Before use, clean your face and keep it dry.
Take a suitable amount(3-5 drops) in the hand, avoid the mouth and eyes of the League, and apply it thinly as a massage to areas with black heads, corner pins, hard bangs, or rough and not smooth.
Dirt, old waste a large number of corner off, clean with warm water. 

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