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  • OPERA My Lash Advanced Mascara


My Lash Advanced Mascara

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    Opera My Lash mascara is an award winning mascara that gives natural definition to the lashes. Formulated with quick drying film, this mascara delivers an instant natural look.

    Formulated with eyelash serum
    Removable with warm water
    My Lash Features
    Opera's own particle formula

    My Lash is formulated with a unique particle formula that gives natural extension and definition to the tips of the lashes without fibres. Its delicate effect lends a natural looking length to the lends while at the same time highlighting the look of each individual lash for instant boost to your eyes.

    An easy to use slim brush
    Opera My Lash's slim, easy-to-use brush allows you reach the roots and waterline of the eyes to catch each individual lash no matter how short or fine. Its brush design separates each lash for an amazingly beautiful finish with no clumping.

    From morning, noon, to night!
    Fail-proof application: This brush is slimline with a subtle corkscrew design, making it easy to apply to even to lower lashes and corners. Its quick drying formula means that a quick, fail-proof application is all you need for your ideal lashes.

    Stays fresh all day long
    This formula is strong against sweat and sebum, giving you to the freedom to go morning to night with the same crisp, smudge-free finish.

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