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  • Quality First Queen's Premium Moisturizing Mask

Quality First

Queen's Premium Moisturizing Mask

HKD$32 HKD$80

5 pieces


Quality First Diamond Queen Mask, made of shrinkable stretch cloth, can fit the skin better, make the essence penetrate the skin more easily, play a stronger effect, and keep your skin hydrated and shiny at all times.

* Contains a variety of particularly effective moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, including five kinds of hyaluronic acid, collagen and royal jelly, which injects endless water into the skin to improve dryness, dullness, fine lines, and the skin instantly appears hydrated, full and firm Run in good condition.

After cleansing, remove and spread the mask, apply it to the face, wait for 30-45 minutes, remove the mask, and gently massage the face to help absorb the remaining essence.

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