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  • Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm Silver Label + SPF35 Whitening


Rejuvenating BB Beauty Balm Silver Label + SPF35 Whitening

HKD$75 HKD$229



The Silver Label Rejuvenating BB SPF 35 brightens and evens skin tone while delivering a luxurious matte finish

that does a good job of concealing scars and blemishes. It is formulated with SPF 35 that protect you from the sun’s

harmful rays, making it fantastic for everyday use.


-Contains SPF 35 for sun protection

-Formulated with albutin to brighten and clear skin

-Controls sebum on oily complexions to create soft, moisturised skin

-Safe for use on sensitive and troubled skin

-Contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise and centella asiatica to calm the skin


How to use

-Apply all over the face with fingertips or brush using upwards or circular motions.

-Wear alone or use as a foundation for flawless skin.

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