• Skin Veil Base SPF25 PA ++


Skin Veil Base SPF25 PA ++

HKD$125 HKD$242

40 Light Purple
60 Light Green


The upgraded version also uses an upgraded moisturizing technology to effectively reduce the loss of moisture from the surface of the skin, leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth all day long. The pores are firm and long lasting, and the skin is full of vitality and elasticity. At the same time, in order to target the color problems common to Asians, two types of shades are specially designed: light purple and light green, which effectively corrects the yellowish or reddish skin tone, leaving the skin with a uniform color and a healthy glow.

The entire makeup is more glossy and clear.In addition, it has SPF 22 PA++ sun protection function, which effectively blocks UVA UVB/UVB infringement and makes makeup look more durable and perfect.

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