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  • Albion Smartskin White Rare Kit 2019


Smartskin White Rare Kit 2019

HKD$378 HKD$560



Smartskin White Rare #01 10g
Smartskin White Rare #100 4.1g

While providing flawless coverage, this foundation-cum-makeup base achieves a more refined and natural finish to reproduce the pure, innate beauty of skin.
<SPF40, PA++++>

1. SMARTSKIN WHITE RARE achieves one-notch-higher natural makeup and creates a pure, cool-looking complexion with a smooth sheen and an airy semi-matte finish.
2. As it melts effortlessly onto the skin, the White Rare base changes its consistency to powdery for a snug fit with a slightly cooling sensation.
3. Outstanding long-wearing foundation prevents makeup from entering pores and prevents sebum or dryness from smearing makeup. The flawless finish lasts for many hours.

- Made in Japan

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