• Star Mask


Star Mask

HKD$68 HKD$242



A super beauty tearing mask will give you three functions of lifting, replenishing and removing dead skin.
With power and beauty, it is Korea's hottest PNY7'S mask!

Exfoliates & nourishes skin
A Fashion Moisturizing Facial Mask

Light-emitting mask used by Hollywood stars
10 minutes to restore your confidence
Cellulose material, does not irritate the skin
Chemical-free and formaldehyde free
Exfoliating effect
Moisturizing and soothing effects


Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly to the face (excluding eyes and lips).
After 20-30 minutes of mask drying, remove the mask.
The soothing ingredients of STAR MASK:
Witch Hazel extract
Soothes skin inflammation, redness does not apply
Tea tree extract
Cleans skin pores, tightens skin
Centella asiatica extract
Has a very good skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle effect
Green Tea Extract
Prevents skin aging, provides excellent sedation, and contains 8 times more vitamin C than lemon

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