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  • SUPER AQUA- LOTION Repluming Toner


SUPER AQUA- LOTION Repluming Toner

HKD$80 HKD$120



Water is a precious resource – a “blue gold” – that is essential to life. However, when polluted, water becomes toxic for humankind, and for the skin. The water circulating in the skin tends to become polluted naturally from within, causing dehydration and wrinkles. Today, Guerlain Research has created Aquacomplex: it purifies cellular water* to relaunch hydration flows and restore youthfulness and infuse the skin in active water as pure as morning dew.


The first key step, this fresh, velvety-soft treatment lotion acts as a natural hydration trigger. Its enveloping texture provides incredible softness and comfort. From the moment of application, it immediately revitalises, plumps up and smoothes the skin for a radiant complexion.

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