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  • UV Body Protector SPF29


UV Body Protector SPF29

HKD$48 HKD$278



Sunscreen lotion for face and body that cut ultraviolet rays with low irritation prescription.
It is familiar to the skin without floating white with Sararito feeling of use, and it is transparent finish.
It is a non-chemical prescription that does not contain ultraviolet absorbent and a low irritation prescription that also takes care of babies.
How to use:

Shake well up and down.
Apply in the palm little by little.
Apply enough amount to the skin without leaving a residue.
When the amount used is low, it is difficult to obtain UV protection effect.
Paint frequently to keep the ultraviolet protection effect frequently.
Refill when you fall off after wiping with a towel, etc.
It can be removed easily with cleanser.

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