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  • Vitamin C Serum C5


Vitamin C Serum C5

HKD$188 HKD$310



Fully effective against complex eye circles such as dark circles, eye lines, and loose eye muscles.
Improves melanin precipitation and dark circles in the eye area, upgrades the antioxidant effect, promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity around the eyes and prevents sagging.

The product contains a unique patented formula of Hyper-Brightening C. It adopts advanced and innovative manufacturing technology to combine high concentration, high penetration and high stability of pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)
Completely preserved in a fresh and stable state, the upgrade formula is updated to add vitamin E (őī. Tocopherol) and melanin blocking complex II (Signal Lock Complex II), which doubles the effect of "pure vitamin C" and every drop of essence is effective. Penetrates into the dermis to awaken healthy skin function.

"Pure Vitamin C" has an efficient antioxidant function, effectively inhibits and diminishes melanin, acne marks, and improves dull complexion; it can also promote collagen synthesis, achieve skin tightening and pore tightening effects.
In addition, "Pure Vitamin C" can inhibit sebum secretion, so that the skin achieves water-oil balance and more radiance, reducing the formation of blackheads and acne. Suitable for all skin types.

How to use
Can be used around the eyes.

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