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  • Water-full Special Set


Water-full Special Set

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Fermented bamboo sap that is fermented by bamboo sap and three flowers

It can increase the deep water density of the skin, keep the skin moist, and live a concentrated water replenishment management series.

Moreover, care for the moisture path between the layers of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated throughout the day


The kit includes:

1.Water Full Refreshing Toner Natural Fermentation Moisturizing Water 170ml

2.Water Full Rebalancing Emulsion 120ml

3.Water Full Water Gel Cream Natural Fermentation Moisturizing Refreshing Cream 20ml

4.Water Full Skin Refresher Natural Fermentation Moisturizing Water 20ml

5.Water Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion Natural Fermentation Moisturizing Lotion 20ml

6.Skin Saver Essential Foam Foaming Cleanser 40ml

7.Secret Essence Magic Essence 12ml

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