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  • Laneige White Dew Emulsion


White Dew Emulsion

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Moisture Brightening Emulsion brightens and moisturizes skin as it is absorbed into skin

Moisture Brightening “White Dew” Line contains Saururus chinensis Extract, a patented Brightening ingredient

1. Strong Brightening
The synergy of patented Saururus chinensis Extract and new Brightening technology improves dark spots and uneven skin tone

2. Moisture Brightening with Phyto Sugar Water
The glycocomponent of Phyto Sugar Water makes skin moisturized and bright

3. Mild Brightening
Gently brightens skin with plant-derived extract

Key Point
1. Milky water texture
The smooth water type is absorbed fast into skin upon application.

2. Moisturized finish
Moisturizing, soft feel to skin texture - Leaves a pleasant feel.

How to use
1. Use as skincare in the morning and at night, after using toner. Dispense an appropriate amount (diameter 1.8cm/ 0,4ml).

2. Lightly apply in order of Cheeks > Forehead > Nose > Skin around the mouth > Neck, starting from the inside and working outward.

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