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  • Whitening Tooth Stick

Ora Beau

Whitening Tooth Stick

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7 sticks per box
10 seconds K.O whitening teeth no difficulty!
The method of use is simple, direct use, carry and maintain beautiful teeth at any time! Whitening for 10 seconds.
First use a round swab to wipe the surface of the teeth, then use a pointed swab to clean the teeth and rinse the mouth. Even without water! Refreshing and refreshing! For the quick-acting type, or 7 teeth in the usual dental care packaging, each one is separately packed in sterile vacuum, which is convenient to carry. Apatite (abrasive), polyphosphoric acid formula, specially deal with coffee stains, tea stains, curry stains, tobacco tooth stains!

•10 seconds of care to remove yellow stains with a cotton swab.
•Keep your teeth clean anytime and anywhere.
•Grapefruit flavor.

How to use
(1) Brush the tooth surface with a round cotton swab.
(2) Clean the teeth and rinse the mouth with a cotton swab.

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