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  • Bifina S for 30 days (30 packets)

Morishita 森下仁丹

Bifina S for 30 days (30 packets)

HKD$160 HKD$290



Morishita Morishita-Bifina S crystal ball probiotics 30 packs (1 box) stool detoxification weight loss constipation pressure acne aging (parallel import goods)

【Product desciption】:
Morishita Rendan is the leading brand of probiotics in Japan. It has a history of 125 years. The patent of the 3-layer acid-resistant crystal ball allows the living crystal ball to safely reach the intestine and release it to achieve the ecological balance of the flora in the body.

[Recommended usage]:
Eating before or after meals does not affect the activity of probiotics
It is recommended to eat on an empty stomach in the morning or evening!

【For people】:

【country of origin】:

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