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Shop with confidence.  Let us go the extra mile to get your money’s worth.


BB Beauty is a global destination for the beauty conscious since 2016.

We make life simple. Our customers love us not just for the best prices, but also our latest and greatest makeup and skincare products from around the world. Not bound by certain brands. Our experienced crew offers free unbiased advice so that you can decide what’s right for you. Our extensive knowledge and industry expertise allow us to cherry pick quality products from hundreds of brands. Products that work and worth buying for.


Our 4 Promises

Unbiased Advice

Shop with good information. Let BB Beauty go the extra mile to get your money’s worth. Beauty advice from “BB’s Pick” comes heartfelt from our experienced crew. We take no commission from brands to stay unbiased for you.

No Fakes

Shop with a peace of mind.   We are a proud member of No Fakes Pledge Scheme. Rest assured you are getting quality and genuine products.

No Fakes Pledge Scheme 

Best Prices

Shop the right product at the right price. Let BB Beauty source and compare prices for you.

Flexi-Reliable Delivery

Shop at ease. Buy online with our flexible and reliable delivery service.  Local and worldwide shipping are available.


Over 60,000 Customer Testimonials

Shop with confidence, online and offline with over 70 brands. Let BB Beauty go the extra mile to get your money’s worth. Come experience at our stores and shop online.

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