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  • 25 NEO Vitamin C Serum


25 NEO Vitamin C Serum

HKD$698 HKD$950



In 2019, 15 years after the launch of C20, Rohto Pharmaceuticals finally refreshed the concentration limit of left VC essence beauty liquid again.

Successfully launched Obagi C25 NEO Vitamin Essence

not Only the Obagi C series has the same skin care effect
Improve skin elasticity and dry fine lines
Ideal for anti-aging skin care

The strongest version of Vitamin C + E Dermal Nutrition
Especially for severe skin spots, rough skin due to age, wrinkles, sagging and other skin problems.
Strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging power injected into the dermal layer to effectively suppress and dilute melanin
Promote collagen proliferation
Reduces wrinkles, tightens skin and reduces pores
Called the strongest blemish whitening and anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum

Every morning and evening, after using the lotion to moisturize the face, take an appropriate amount (4 ~ 5 drops) of Obagi C25 NEO Vitamin Essence nutrition liquid onto the palms, massage and apply it to the entire face or the parts requiring special care.

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