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  • Perfect Slim W Diet Supplement 90 tablets (30days)


Perfect Slim W Diet Supplement 90 tablets (30days)

HKD$160 HKD$280



The 2019 new package adds olive leaf extract, sea hair extract, a combination of L-carnitine and ginger.

The fourth generation of FANCL PERFECT SLIM is powerful in fat burning. On the basis of the third generation, green tea catechin is added. On the basis of adding Q10 to the second generation, the topic detoxification ingredient α-decanoic acid is added again this summer, detoxification and fat burning. Do more with less. 3 capsules after meal - speed up fat burning, making you easy to lose weight.
✧ Adding Q10 + ingredient α-acid based on the addition of L-carnitine.
✧ contains HCA to prevent fat formation and accumulation
Sui and Tang dynasty and scorpion effectively accelerate fat decomposition, increase calorie consumption during activities and exercise
✧ Just eat 3 capsules a day to help you easily eliminate the accumulated fat in your body.
✧ Continue to feel full and reduce snack habits

How to use
Once a day, take 3 capsules each time.

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