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  • Skin Conditioner


Skin Conditioner

HKD$218 HKD$380



Nicknamed "SkiCon" in Japan, Skin Conditioner is a long-selling skin lotion that has been much loved by customers since debuting in 1974. Skin Conditioner's commitment to skincare has resulted in its unrivalled feel of use and exceptional hydrating sensation. ALBION's proud masterpiece, Skin Conditioner will continue its evolution toward providing greater skincare benefits.

Refreshing and cooling to use, Skin Conditioner supports skin functions to promote well-moisturized, healthy skin. Skin Conditioner self-optimizes its skincare benefits for individual skin conditions, which makes it a dependable skin companion for all seasons and age groups, anytime and for anyone pursuing true beauty. Start by experiencing the six skincare benefits that make Skin Conditioner such an indispensable product.

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