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  • Minon Amino Moist - Mixed Muscle Amino Acid Moisturizing Mask 4pcs


Amino Moist - Mixed Muscle Amino Acid Moisturizing Mask

HKD$58 HKD$135



A gentle care mask that balances water and oil and relieves dryness specially developed for mixed skin and acne-prone skin.
Aimed at alleviating pores and other problems caused by dryness, a
variety of amino acids, gentle care of facial skin.
Not only can it moisturize and moisturize the skin, but it can also adjust the facial water and oil,
promote the balance of water and oil, and refresh and moisturize the skin.



(1) After conditioning the skin with lotion, take it out of the bag and unfold the mask. When taking it out, unfold the two-folded mask up and down and then unfold it to the side.
(2) After aligning the mask to the eye area, fix the mask on the forehead and mouth and make the mask fit tightly to the skin.
(3) After leaving for 10-15 minutes, remove the mask, and use the palm of your hand to evenly push the remaining gel essence on the face to help the skin absorb it.

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