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  • BC Emulsion


BC Emulsion

HKD$265 HKD$348



Benefit :

The "Silky-smooth Oil" and "Skin-softening Collagen" give your skin a long-lasting moisturizing and hydration-locking effect, delivering nourishment deep into the skin. With its "Rose Revitalizing Extract" and "Grape Bud Extract", the emulsion helps to invigorate the collagen renewal cycle, smooths out wrinkles and revitalizes the skin.

Ingredient :

Silky-smooth Oil, Skin-softening Collagen, Rose Revitalizing Extract, Grape Bud Extract, Beauty Blue Sweet Pea Extract


How to Use :

Cleanse and apply lotion. Place appropriate amount of emulsion (2 pumps) and spread evenly over face and around eyes. Repeat on specially dried areas.

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