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  • Cleansing Fiber Mix 10 Days
  • Cleansing Fiber Mix 10 Days


Cleansing Fiber Mix 10 Days

HKD$60 HKD$108



Feeling like there is a traffic jam in the bowel? Has this become a torment for you? Rich in fiber, FANCL Fiber Support helps you have a clear and healthy bowel. Particularly suitable for those who are bothered by this problem. Simply pour the powder into food or drink, and there it is! Easy for your health upkeeping, even for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Benefit :Each stick delivers 5g of water-soluble dietary fiber which promotes intestinal health, makes bowel movement easier and helps to clear the stool.
Size :10 sticks
Ingredient :Full Ingredient: Isomaltodextrin (originated from dietary fiber of corn, potato or cassava)
How to Use :1 stick daily (Mix with water, juice, tea, coffee, soup or food)

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