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  • Good Choice - Men 20+ Supplements


Good Choice - Men 20+ Supplements

HKD$138 HKD$200

30 Packs


Item Description
Men in their 20s have just started their careers in the society and chasing their dreams, so their health and vitality are more needed than ever! Good Choice - Men 20+ supplements the essential daily nutrients that a man in his 20s needs. Not only does it strengthen your body, increase your stamina, maintain your gastro-intestinal health, protect your eyes and improve vision, it is also added with GABA, coenzyme Q10 and zinc, which target physical and emotional exhaustion, providing support to your busy and stressful side of life.

Good Choice - Men 20+ offers more than 20 body-strengthening nutrients that every man in their 20s needs, including vitamins, minerals, lactic acid bacteria, as well as nutrients that help protect your eyes, reduce stress, and fight fatigue, offering a comprehensive protection for your health.

‚ú¶How to use
1-3 sachets per day (5 pills per bag)(depending on the state of health.) each of them contains several tablets and capsules.
 If you take vitamins on an empty stomach, they will be excreted from the feces before the body can absorb it.
Such as vitamin A and other fat-soluble vitamins,dissolved in fat can be absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa, should be eaten after meals, can be more completely absorbed by the body.

Do not place in a hot place to avoid deterioration of the product!
If you are allergic, please consult your doctor before eating.

‚ú¶Made in Japan
‚ú¶Net Content: 30 bags

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